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Teotema is a sophisticated composition of cosmetics that take their essential qualities from the experience of hairstylists, salon experts, and technical researchers who dedicate their time and energy to develop products that achieve complete satisfaction for hairdressers and their customers.

The ambition of Teotema is to create life in the salon to offer emotions and a real experience to hairdressers and their clients and to be part of daily salon life in the world thanks to high quality cosmetics and salon tools.

The magic of color in your hair with TEOTEMA cream color. Product for professional use, designed to protect your hair respecting the integrity of the hair strand!


It's a complete range to cover all salon needs from natural bases to subtle hues of blond and brown to reds and fantasy colors. The range is completed with a series of high-lift Blondes as well as special creator and intensifier shades.

The cosmetic, protective formula is based on advanced technology that provides long-lasting color and superior shine that guarantees 100 % white hair coverage.

Each shade of the Teotema range contains highest quality pigments that have been carefully calibrated to deliver the precise shade with optimal coverage.

All Teotema color cream shades, including the high-lift blondes,are to be mixed with 1 part Teotema color, with 1.5 part cream developer.

Natural Ingredients:

Oil of jojoba: To nourish the hair fiber and improve its consistency.

Vitamin E:Improves cellular strength, anti free radical

Available Size: 100 ml

Cream Developer:

Teotema Cream Developer is formulated to be mixed with all Teotema coloring products.

The product consistency has been calibrated to create the ideal texture to assure ease of application and precision.

Assures softness and brilliance of the hair after the technical services.

Cream Developer

Available Strength:3%, 6%, 9% and 12%.

Available Size: 1000 ml – 150 ml

Teotema Color Remover:Delicate removal of artificial dyes

It's a must for all professional colorists. It’s gentle formula removes artificial dyes, without altering the hair’s natural color.

This is because it does not work like a bleach but rather it acts only on chemical dyes by inverting the oxidation process that takes place when hair is colored.

The artificial dyes are therefore reduced and can be removed from the hair.

Ideal for the customer who decides the color is not happy with a chosen color, or for removing unwanted tones. Works best on hair that has been colored relatively recently.

Active Ingredients:

Natural Oat Extract:

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as moisturizing effect on hair and scalp

Size: 4 x (50 ml phase 1 + 50 ml phase 2)

Blond dust free Bleach

Teotema Blond:is a highly efficient bleaching system that allows for all lightening techniques.

Lifts up to 6 tones.

The protective action of the formula ensures complete respect of the hair during the bleaching process.

Teotema Blond is a compact powder that mixes easily and quickly into a soft cream. It is to be mixed 1:2 with Teotema Cream Developer.

Size 500 gr.

Unique skin protecting fluid for sensitive scalp.

Effectively reduces sensitivity and discomfort, irritation and scalp staining, when coloring the hair.

200 ml

  • Barrier action on the skin
  • Reduces and prevents irritation and scalp staining
  • Calms and soothes the skin.
  • Makes coloring possible on clients with sensitive skin
  • Provides maximum client comfort
  • Enhanced professionalism during color service


To be applied directly on scalp just before coloring the hair.

Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) seed oil:

Natural extract with strong moisturizing, softening activity on the skin surface.

Bisabolol, an active plant extract isolated from chamomile with anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties.

Aloe Vera is a natural plant extract with calming and soothing properties. Enhances the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

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