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Nutriensse has created the first Argan Tree Stem Cell Treatment capable of regenerating damaged hair from roots to ends.

Infused with actives ingredients such as D-Panthenol, Anti-Oxidants, Amino acids and essential oils; Nutri+Cell repairs the elasticity, shine and silkiness on even the most brittle hair damaged by abrasive chemical treatments. Ideal to use after keratin, highlights and discolorations to reduce further damaged in the hair shaft and scalp.

Nutri+cell Pro Pack

Nutri+cell Twin Pack

Nutri+Cell Shampoo

Nutri+Cell Styling Protective Primer

Nutri+Cell Fast Dry Heat Protection

Re-Vive Home Treatment


Oleo Hydrating Shampoo

Oleo Hydrating Shampoo

Oleo Hydrating Mask

Oleo Hydrating Styling Cream

6 Pack Cocktail 7

Cocktail Express

Therma Sealer

Satin Shine

Serum Stem Cell Hydrating Cream


Ian Zachary Hair Color

Ian Zachary All Tone Semi Hair Color

Ian Zachary Cream Developer

(10,20,30,40 vol )

Ian Zachary Developing Cream

(3% or 6% )

Ian Zachary Protective Oil

Ian Zachary Bleaching Blue

Ian Zachary Color Stain Remover

Keratine Protecion System (Chocolate)

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